Dynamic Notch

Dynamic Notch

Lately, I've been playing with the idea of bringing the concept of Dynamic Island onto Mac. In my opinion, the area around the
MacBook's Notch is being wasted, so I wanted to add a bit of interaction there. That is why I created a library called Dynamic Notch. It allows me to make apps and windows that seamlessly integrate with the space around the Notch.
The API is similar to the DynamicIsland from iOS:

import SwiftUI

struct HelloNotch: View {
    var body: some View {
        DynamicNotch(expanded: {
            VStack {
                AppleHello(contentMode: .fill)
            .frame(width: 500, height: 200)
        }, compactLeading: {
        }, compactTrailing: {

This code creates a view that looks like this:

I also created a Proof of Concept for a Media player:

I posted this video on Reddit. Before the moderator removed the post, it generated mixed opinions. Based on the number of upvotes, I guess people liked it, but the comments were mostly negative. Most of the negative comments were towards the Notch itself. But there were a couple of people that preferred the old-good menu bar. You can read the comments here:

r/apple - Iā€™m playing around with the concept of Dynamic Notch for Mac. What do you think about the apps that would work around the notch?
Bis jetzt 182 Votes und 54 Kommentare auf Reddit

I knew bringing iOS concepts to macOS would be controversial, but I got some feedback.
At the moment, I'm not planning to publish the library. First, I want to make something useful with it.


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