Hello there. I'm Michal Tynior and I write this blog. I am also a Software Engineer, iOS Developer, consultant, and trouble maker in general.

iOS Development

This is my full-time job for over 9 years now. I've been lucky to work on multiple projects for various businesses: insurance, benefit systems, healthcare, pharmacy, car-sharing, blockchain, and banking. The list of selected projects is available on my LinkedIn.

Besides commercial projects, I've been working on Open Sourced libraries and released them on my GitHub.

Other technologies

Although I primarily develop iOS apps, I like to play around with other technologies. Checkout my Mario, Halloween, and Christmas Watch Faces.

I also like to work on web projects. Good examples of my experiments are the Tatooine and Christmas Card. Those websites are created only with HTML, CSS, and SVG.

If you are interested, you can find some of my projects here.


This Dev Brain is my technical blog. Also, I write at Brain Archive, where I post a subjective summary of the passing week. The next one might not be strictly blogging, but I run the Star Wars Countdown Online with timers for different Star Wars-related events.