Dope Links 2024.05

Dope Links 2024.05

Hello GPT-4o

OpenAI released a new LLM model that can reason across audio, vision, and text in real time. New model is not only faster, more capable, but also it's cheaper.

Gemini Models

During Google IO, Google announced multiple new AI models, including Gemini Nano that can be run directly on a device.

The Gemini family of models are the most general and capable AI models we’ve ever built. They’re built from the ground up for multimodality — reasoning seamlessly across text, code, images, audio…

Project Astra

Google unveiled Project Astra which might become the AI assistant of the future.

Project Astra
Building on our Gemini models, Project Astra explores the future of AI assistants that can process multimodal information, understand the context you’re in, and respond naturally in conversation.

Gemini API Developer Competition

Google is organizing a hackaton with $1M price pot. To take part, developers must build an app that integrates the Gemini API.

Join the Gemini API Developer Competition | Google AI for Developers | Google for Developers
Integrate the Gemini API, quickly develop prompts, and transform ideas into code to build AI apps.

Phi-3 model

Also Microsoft extended their family of AI models, adding Small Language Models (SLM).

New models added to the Phi-3 family, available on Microsoft Azure | Microsoft Azure Blog
We are introducing Phi-3-vision, a multimodal model that brings together language and vision capabilities, now available on Microsoft Azure. Learn more.

Semantic Kernel

Semantic kernel is Microsoft's framework for building copilots and AI agents.

Create AI agents with Semantic Kernel
With Semantic Kernel, you can easily build agents that can call native C#, Python, or Java code.

Running LLMs Locally Using Ollama and Open WebUI on Linux

An article describing how to run LLMs locally.

Running LLMs Locally Using Ollama and Open WebUI on Linux
Learn how to install Ollama on Linux in a step-by-step guide, then install and use your favorite LLMs, including the Open WebUI installation step.


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