Dope Links 2021.04

Dope Links 2021.04

Here is the list of dope links I stumble upon in April. Enjoy!

My current HTML boilerplate

The boilerplate code for a 2021 website together with the explanations.

Substack's UI and 1Password just cost me $2,023

An interesting example of how an hidden input field can cost the users big money.

Inside a viral website

This is the story how the was, for a week, one the most viral websites in a world.

Who's Using Amazon Web Services?

Have you ever wonder how much those it cost to run AWS for a big company like Netflix? Welp, long story short - a lot 😋

OWASP Top 10 for Web

Learn and understand the most popular ways of breaking into a web app. All explained with interactive examples.

Hacking 3,000,000 apps at once through CocoaPods

Hacking a package manager is one of the ways to hack multiple applications. This time the victim was an iOS manager - CocoaPods.

The Architecture Behind A One-Person Tech Startup

This is how an automation allows a one men is running a small Startup.

Write better commits with Gitmoji

An interesting approach to commit messages. I have to admit, there is a potential in this idea.

Introducing The Key

An April Fools joke from non other than Stack Overflow. I know this was just a joke, but imagine that you have an ability to copy a code snippet only 3 times, and then you would have to pay for premium subscription 🙈

How often do people actually copy and paste from Stack Overflow?

The April Fool joke allowed to measure how often people copy-paste the code from Stack Overflow.


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