Dope Links 2021.03

Dope Links 2021.03

Here is the list of dope links I stumble upon in March. Enjoy!

12 Ways to Improve Your DevTools Console Logging

12 tips & tricks that make debugging easier.

Cloudflare Workers × Cloudinary Cache + Proxy

A small worker that adds a custom domain to Cloudinary and caches images using Cloudflare CDN.

3D CSS Plane

Just a small and interactive 3D plane made with HTML, CSS & JavaScript.


Do you remember Clippy from Miscrosoft Office? This is less annoying version for VSCode.

Boosting developer success on Google Play

Google slashes the Play Store cut to 15% for the fist $1M of revenue each year. This is probably a response to Apple's cut from last year, but Google's is easier to understand.

The most invasive apps in App Store

The list of the apps that don't care about your privacy. Spoiler alert - the leader is not a surprise.

New macOS malware XcodeSpy Targets Xcode Developers with EggShell Backdoor

Be careful when opening 3rd-party Xcode projects!

GPT-3 tries pickup lines

This is would would happen if machine learning tried to pick up a girl/boy. I have to admit, some of them are really funny, and ML is not messing around.

Rockstar thanks GTA Online player who fixed poor load times, official update coming

A player/developer figured out why it took so long to load a map in GTA. Now Rockstar implemented this fix in official game. What's cool, the developer was rewarded $10k :)

What Every Heart Emoji Really Means

This article explains each Heart emoji.  Yes, there is so many of them they need explaining.


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