Dope Links 2021.02

Dope Links 2021.02

Here is the list of dope links I stumble upon in February. Enjoy!

URLSession’s Delegate Queue Should Be the Main Queue

The URLSession's delegateQueue should be a serial queue, otherwise, delegates and callbacks might be executed in an incorrect order.

Form Validation: You want :not(:focus):invalid, not :invalid

Adding a form validation is hard, especially when we want to make it user friendly. This article explains how to do this properly.

Understanding Z-Index in CSS

Really cool visual guide on how z-index and stacking contexts work in CSS.

State of Vue 2021 Report

Annual report about how the VueJS is doing.

Your GitHub story in 3D

Watch your GitHub contributions graph as a 3D model of a skyline.

Dependency Confusion: How I Hacked Into Apple, Microsoft and Dozens of Other Companies

Be extra careful if you are using private packages! This article explains how easy it is to replace a private package with malicious public NPM package. Although the article is about NPM, other package managers might also be vulnerable.

Dev creeped out after he fired up Ubuntu VM on Azure, was immediately approached by Canonical sales rep

I understand that companies share information about clients, but reaching out on completely different communication channel is creepy.

Transparent Glass Whiteboard in Microsoft Teams or Zoom with OBS

Scott shows how to achieve a Glassboard effect for virtual meetings. This is a response to Rob Farley's idea. If you are a remote worker and you have to explain a lot of concepts you should try it.

Perseverance Rover’s Descent and Touchdown on Mars (Official NASA Video)

Landing on Mars was always very difficult, but NASA did it, and they did it in style. Just watch this engineering masterpiece.


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