Dope Links 2021.01

Dope Links 2021.01

Here is the list of dope links I stumble upon this month. Enjoy!

This article explains how a company automated tests of push notifications. As a result, they went from half a day of manual work to 8 minutes with tests executed automatically.

Distributing Mac apps outside the App Store, a quick start guide

There is App Store on macOS, but it comes with a lot of restrictions and limitations, so a lot of developers decides to self publish. In this article, Rambo explains what challenges come with distributing macOS apps outside App Store.

Netflix Intro Animation Pure CSS

It's really impressive that such complex animation is done just with CSS.

The future of CSS: Higher Level Custom Properties to control multiple declarations

CSS just got variables and already there is a proposal for conditionals. This article explains why we might need them and how they could be used in the future.

SVG Tutorial: How to Code SVG Icons by Hand

Have you ever wonder what all those letters and numbers mean in an SVG code? This article explains it all.

That XOR Trick

This article shows what can be done with XOR operator. Spoiler alert - a lot ;)

VS Code Theme Creator

A Reddit user is building a theme editor for VS Code using Vue.js, VueX, and Nuxt. I don't switch themes very often, but this live editor looks impressive. So once it's ready I'm going to try it.

Why the iPhone Timer App displays a Fake Time

Working with date and time is hard and tricky. What's perfectly fine for a computer or from a math perspective is not necessarily intuitive for a human.

Do You Love Me?

Who doesn't love dancing robots? This video is amazing and shows how far we went with robotics. The sad part is the robots are dancing better than me 🙈


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